The wave of the future? Hybrid staffs, high-tech sensors and at-home IT

By Mike Gaumond, senior vice president and general manager, Connected judi online Workforce, Insight Enterprises

As businesses struggle to return to the workplace following the rise of COVID-19, many are unsure how to establish a new normal — and remain productive and profitable — without putting their employees in harm’s way.

So where are we now after these exceptionally challenging months? For better or worse, many businesses will never return to the practices, schedules and physical configurations they followed before the outbreak. Sure, many have figured out how to sustain themselves by empowering most of their employees to work from home in the interim. And while there will be a permanent increase in remote work, companies will undoubtedly continue to leverage the workplace as a “collaboration hub” and to reinforce culture.

That means many organizations will establish a hybrid of remote and on-site work for their employees as they move into the future — even once the threat of COVID diminishes, according to an Insight study conducted in June. The research shows many organizations plan permanent changes to their workplaces to be more prepared for new, albeit unforeseen emergencies.

The problem in these unprecedented times is that many business leaders lack expertise or experience in disease containment, so they just don’t know how to proceed. Not surprisingly, the Insight study showed 54% were unprepared for the business challenges resulting from the pandemic. The better news is that many see technology as the solution to a sundry of problems; 79% of IT professionals expect technology to play a greater role within their organizations, and 42% rank remote IT management as a top priority.

Ultimately, employees should feel comfortable at work and able to focus on moving forward with an organization’s business goals, no matter if they’re back in the office, continuing to work remotely, or a mix of both. Technology is the enabler in just about every situation.